Preparatory Mathematics Course

Preparatory Online Course in Mathematics

We are pleased to provide you with our new preparatory online course in mathematics. It is expected that tutors will provide assistance in the forum in the near future. Please feel free to report any errors or remarks about the new course there. Due to a current staff shortage, we will not always be able to respond quickly. We are trying to improve the situation.

Course Information

This preparatory online course serves those interested in studying a technical subject at university level as a preparation and for assessing their competence in mathematics. In addition to extensive instructional material, the course features diagnostic self-assessment tests as well as numerous instructional videos and interactive exercises. The course was developed within the scope of the VE&MINT project.
VE&MINT is a project cooperation of MINT-Kolleg Baden-Württemberg with VEMINT-Konsortium , Leibniz Universität Hannover and Technische Universität Berlin which seeks to offer a preparatory mathematical online course that is freely accessible nationwide based on a free licence, and more generally to promote exchange of instructional material as well as software between its sites.
For further information on the online course and the project, see .
The English language/bilingual version of the course was developed at the TU Berlin with the specific goal to create a course accessible and useful for refugees.
Course data is saved automatically in your browser. Explicit registration for the course is not required.

Direct entry to a specific unit

You can navigate to individual learning units and their sections at any time to work on them:
You are also free to work on tests and exercises in arbitrary order and repeatedly. Just click the relevant entries in the table of contents.

Start with an assessment test

In this mode you can do an online test on the course materials. Completion takes about an hour. Based on the test result you get a recommendation on how to use the online course.

Start chapters in order

In this mode, you can complete the units in order. Every unit features a short introductory test as well as a final test with which you can verify the successful completion.

Search for a keyword

The keyword search page provides links to course unit contents relevant to each keyword. You can use it to selectively close isolated gaps in your knowledge.


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The components of this course are licensed under the Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 4.0 and can be copied or reused after editing as long as the source (this course) is cited. For detailed information on licence and reuse, see here.
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